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Artist Opportunity: A Room of Our Own

We are commissioning an artist or small group of artists to deliver a workshop-based residency with people in recovery which takes place two days a week for 6 months at CIRCLE.  The workshops will have up to 10 people at any one time. The residency will culminate in a small public exhibition provisionally titled ‘A Room of Our Own’ in October 2023 which takes place in a Bothy which is sited on the grounds of CIRCLE and which explores the notion of ‘what sort of space do people need to recover?’


Position: Freelance Artist

Contract: Freelance Temporary Assignment

Timeframe: May to October 2023

Flat Fee: £9800 (equates to £150 per day, plus £3000 materials and £500 for evaluation or equivalent)

This is based on Artist Unions rate for an artist with 5 years or more experience. Pro rata for a residency.


For further information please view and download the submission guidelines here.


Submission Proposal:

Please provide by email


  • A CV
  • A written statement of approx. 500 words providing details on how they would approach the brief and assign budget.
  • Two pieces of relevant work in Jpeg format and/or a link to your website which display relevant work


Application Deadline:  April 30th 2023


Contact details for submission and queries:

Richard Weeks

Film Projects Producer, OneRen


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