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Renfrewshire’s Ethnic Communities Cultural Steering Group (ECCSG) work collaboratively throughout the year to, co-produce, programme, and curate creative, artistsic and heritage based programmes, projects and events relevant to Renfrewshire’s Ethnic Community.

The steering group includes partners from the following organisations; Pachedu, School of African Cultures, Inspiring Families, Jambo Radio, Action For Culture and Ethics, Kairos+, University of the West of Scotland, Engage Renfrewshire and community representatives and work in collaboration with One Ren’s Cultural Services and Marketing team to bring the events to life.

In 2022 the ECCSG are pleased to offer an eclectic programme which launched as part of Refugee Festival Scotland in June.

Our work as a collective is made possible through Future Paisley Funding, Engage Renfrewshire’s Health and Wellbeing Fund and Refugee Festival Scotland.

If you would like more information on Renfrewshire Ethnic Communities Cultural Steering Group or want to get involved please contact

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