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Mama's Broke are coming to Renfrew Town Hall for their first Scottish/UK tour!

Canada’s exciting musical duo Mama’s Broke are bringing their own brand of new wave folk music, to Renfrew Town Hall.

The performance hosted by OneRen – the local charitable trust providing cultural, leisure and sporting opportunities to help people enjoy active and healthy lives – is on Friday, June 17 and is part of band members Lisa Marie and Amy Lou Keeler’s first UK tour.

Janis Marshall Reilly, OneRen’s Performance Programmer (Children and Families) said: “We are delighted to welcome the compelling and exciting new folk duo, Mama's Broke.

“Based in Canada, Lisa and Amy are from travelling communities and describe themselves as having a rich synthesis of influences that knows no borders.

Delivering powerful performances with heart and raw energy, their voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion in their shows.

Their original – and often dark – compositions push the boundaries of tradition and the constraints of the folk genre.

Drawing from old-time, Quebecois, blues, punk, Celtic, Balkan and doom metal, they create a soundscape that is both familiar and new.”

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