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Other Side of The River

In Motion Theatre in Association with One Ren Funded by Future Paisley.

Food will also be served on arrival made by local community organisations where the play is being shown following on from sets of cooking workshops that have been held for the people of the towns.

Age recommendation: 12 years +

A new play by Lisa Nicoll

Other Side of The River is a universal story that is inspired by Ferguslie Park, Paisley which incorporates food, song, bingo and karaoke!

Journalist Beth enters the fictional town of Ailm-which has been told it is one of the worst towns to live in by the media in the hope she will find the story that will make her feel successful and noticed.

When the van which delivers food to the community and hosts mobile bingo nights breaks down the town must find a solution to get them back on the road again.

While the community plan their charity fundraiser, journalist Beth’s questioning begins to find out their secrets.

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