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Active Schools is an initiative which encourages physical activity and sport for all young people in Renfrewshire.

It is designed to increase the number of quality opportunities available for school pupils to participate in recreational, competitive and community sport as well as physical activity.

A team are appointed to put in place and drive forward a range of planned activities in both school and community settings. 

The initiative aims to:

  • Increase physical activity levels among school-aged children in general with a focus on girls, women, young people from ethnic minority backgrounds, young people with physical and learning disabilities, and young people in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Improve the motivation and attitude of children and young people and to help increase their achievement potential within school and community life.
  • Increase levels of sports participation in both formal and informal community settings.
  • Increase the numbers of young people acting as sports leaders, coaches and volunteers in community settings.

Please Support Us

As a charity, our services help people live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. A donation to Renfrewshire Leisure will help us continue to provide charitable services across our communities.

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