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OneRen’s Spring Camps inspire hundreds of kids to get active

Hundreds of children and young people from across Renfrewshire have enjoyed a host of physical activities thanks to the success of OneRen’s Spring Camps. Led by our Active Schools team, the programme recorded attendances of more than 1,250 across the two weeks, with kids enjoying multi-activity classes at Park Mains High School and the On-X leisure centre including fun activities such as basketball, dodgeball, athletics and rounders, as well as dedicated football, dance and movement and outdoor sessions, which included kayaking, rock climbing and scrambling.

Those attending included Gracie, 5, who goes to St Paul’s Primary School. Gracie took part in dance classes at the On-X and said: “I’m a good dancer and I like when we do the dance moves and I like making new friends here”.

Daniel, 8 years old, took part in a number of indoor sessions. He added: “I like all of the activities, they are super fun. It’s very good for your health and wellbeing and that’s important, because some people just stay at home and don’t really do anything and just watch the telly. This is a place where you can get fit and it helps with your muscles with all the running and stops you from getting bored.”

Daniel’s friend, Penelope, 8 years old, enjoyed playing dodgeball most. She said: “I really like coming here. I love playing dodgeball, but you can’t hit the head, as it won’t count. I’m quite good at it and I’m never out first. I’ve also made a lot of new friends.”

Madison , 17 years old, is a volunteer at the Renfrewshire School of Sport Education and attends St Benedict’s High School. She said: “It’s great to be able to put into practice what we’ve learned with the kids and it’s great to see them so active during the holidays instead of being glued to their iPads. I love being a volunteer, you make some great relationships with the kids and I love it when you see the kids having a brilliant day and going home excited with a big smile on their face.”

Emma Etherington, Active Schools and Community Development Officer said: “The camps take months of planning with the coaches, timetables and the classes we want to put on, but it’s a big team effort and everything runs smoothly, from the early drop-offs at 8am right through to when things wrap up in the afternoon, which means parents can get on. If we’re positive, the kids are positive and happy and that always makes for a good day".

Emma’s colleague, Arron Dougan, added: “On a typical day, we might have as many as 120 children through the door here at the On-x. There’s a lot of planning involved, but we make sure the camps work seamlessly. We have kids from across Renfrewshire and lots of them know us as they have relationships already with our Active School Co-ordinators, which helps break down barriers. Seeing the kids smile makes a huge difference – just seeing kids going home with a bright red face to happy parents, makes it all worthwhile.”

Alfie, 7 years old summed up what makes the camps great. He concluded: “We play about and we make friends and the thing that I love is people doing the best that they can. Football is my favourite part of camp, and I’m really good at shooting and tackling – and I love scoring a goal. All my friends are here, but I made new friends too – I love that.”

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