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Sma’sh Hits x SHE SINGS

Sma’sh Hits and SHE SINGS have teamed up for an exciting online performance from Renfrewshire Musicians for Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts Festival! Sma’sh Hits is a Renfrewshire-based music collective that celebrates and discovers local talent. The collective meet every month and gives musicians the opportunity to collaborate, network, build a community & strengthen the scene. SHE SINGS is a songwriting group for young women aged between 16 and 25 in Paisley with the wider aim of tackling the gender gap in the music industry while harnessing a sustainable collective of women who support each other through songwriting. The two collectives have joined forces for RMHAF to showcase the songwriting talents of local Renfrewshire musicians who will explore themes of mental health throughout their performances.

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