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Stuck in the House Session 51 - Julen Santamaria (Awkward Family Portraits)

Julen Santamaria is the frontman of Glasgwegian roots combo Awkward Family Portraits. His solo material takes a similar vein explorin Golden-era country, Americana, jazz & blues, with a contemporary kick

Awkward Family Portraits have been dishing out rockin’ roots music to the streets of Glasgow since 2016. With a roguish charm and signature style that elevates them far above the dusty stereotypes of the genre, AFP are a band that have one central goal and that is to get you to abandon all of the outside world’s hang-ups and move. The brainchild of four likeminded musicians with a wealth of originality and technical skill at their disposal, you only need to catch the briefest glimpse of one of their live shows to feel an insatiable urge to make your way into the crowd and let loose!

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