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Situated in the heart of Paisley and housed in the Old Laigh Kirk, Paisley Arts Centre has long been established as one of Scotland’s most vibrant and exciting venues for comedy, dance, drama, music, theatre, and family events.

Paisley Arts Centre is currently closed and undergoing an amazing transformation designed to enhance accessibility, comfort, and facilities. This is part of Renfrewshire Council's ongoing investment into Paisley town centre cultural venues.

Over the next two years, we’re increasing the size of the bar/foyer area with an extension out front, allowing the public to see into the building and giving it a presence from the street.

Patrons will be delighted to hear that the old blue seats are on their way out, to be replaced by a modern, more comfortable seating bank with more leg room, and for the first time there will be wheelchair accessible spaces available on the first floor.

As well as audiences, artists are central to the creative life of the building and brand-new backstage facilities for visiting performers will make them feel welcome in Paisley.

Our vision is to make PAC a creative hub for Renfrewshire, to take creative risks and push artistic boundaries. The studio space will be available for rehearsals and developing new work while a smaller, multi-purpose function room can be turned to a variety of creative and commercial uses. 

Outside will change too, with a remodelling of the pavement and outdoor space to open up the Arts Centre, offering new spaces for performance and making the building more accessible.

Find out more about the Cultural regeneration projects.

If you would like more information about hiring Paisley Arts Centre please contact the events team.

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