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Our Objectives

A Sustainable Economy

We aim to provide a positive role in developing the local Renfrewshire economy. We want to create opportunities for high quality and sustainable jobs as well as build wider local employability through providing positive development pathways. We will contribute to the local partnership effort to build inclusive economic growth that benefits everyone.

A Healthy Community

We aim to help everyone lead healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives. We want to play an active role in improving health and well-being outcomes, addressing inequalities and improving life chances amongst the people of Renfrewshire. We will work collaboratively to deploy a range of interventions to tackle poor mental and physical health in our community.

A great place to live, play and visit

We aim to keep building a positive reputation for Renfrewshire as a place for a wide range of exceptional leisure and cultural experiences. We want a growing recognition for our regional leisure opportunities, rich local history and diverse heritage. We will help provide a high profile platform for local economic and civic opportunities.

A successful and sustainable charity

We aim to build a sustainable business founded on fairness, providing flexible services which enable everyone locally to live lives which are healthy, happy and fulfilled. We want to build on our charitable credentials, allowing diverse funding streams to be used to challenge inequality. We will provide modern services based on deep rooted values.

Please Support Us

As a charity, our services help people live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. A donation to Renfrewshire Leisure will help us continue to provide charitable services across our communities.

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