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Artist Meet Ups

These regular meet up sessions are intended for artists or creative practitioners who are living or working in or near Renfrewshire, and who are interested in meeting other artists to collaborate, share practise and nurture talent.


Sma’sh Hits: Monthly Showcase Open Mic at The Bungalow

Sma’sh Hits is a Renfrewshire music collective intended for musicians who are interested in meeting other artists to collaborate and nurture the local music scene!

Join the Sma’sh Hits monthly open mic showcase at The Bungalow on the last Wednesday of the month. Whether you want to perform, network, or support live music; everyone is welcome! Doors are open from 7pm, with guitar and full backline available for performers.

For more information on Sma’sh Hits, contact Marie Collins (Music Project Producer, One Ren Arts Team) -



Arts Connection

Arts Connection is a voluntary network of seven established arts organisations in Renfrewshire; Create, Erskine Arts, Outspoken Arts, PACE, Paisley Opera, Right2Dance and Star Project. Membership also includes representation from OneRen.

Arts Connection came together as organisations in receipt of Cultural Organisation Development Funds from Future Paisley to explore how they can work together to raise the cultural ambition of Renfrewshire.

Arts Connection work together to:

  • Learn more about each other and the shared context in which we operate
  • Share our resources better
  • Measure and better demonstrate our collective value for artists and the sector locally
  • Excite and engage audiences and participants in our work

The areas Arts Connection aim to champion and improve are:

  • Cultural leadership, quality and excellence in Renfrewshire
  • Putting Renfrewshire on the map for culture and inclusion
  • Cultural growth, employment and artistic development
  • Collectively promoting what happens in Renfrewshire to attract broader and increased audiences and participation
  • Being ambitious for Renfrewshire - that we can regenerate and reform and bring the community and culture together

For more information on Arts Connection please email the arts team.

Please Support Us

As a charity, our services help people live healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. A donation to Renfrewshire Leisure will help us continue to provide charitable services across our communities.

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