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Walking can improve wellbeing and help to keep our body and mind healthy. Why not follow this free self-guided walking tour around Paisley?

Frederick Douglass Walking tour

Follow in the footsteps of Frederick Douglass

This tour features 5 different locations where the very important abolitionist campaigner Frederick Douglass gave speeches in Paisley.

The walking tour is a 3 km loop and takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

The Walking tour comprises of a Google Map highlighting the suggested route and each of the 5 locations in Paisley as well as an accompanying website detailing additional information on the life of Frederick Douglass and each of the 5 locations where his speeches took place.


Click here to learn more and access the Frederick Douglass Walking Tour Google Map.

Who Was Frederick Douglass?


  • Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in the USA in 1817.

  • He escaped slavery and became a very important abolitionist campaigner in the USA.


  • In 1845 he came to Britain and gave speeches in dozens of towns and cities.


  • He gave many speeches in Scotland about the horrors of slavery.


  • He campaigned for many years for enslaved people to gain their freedom.

  • He also argued strongly against a new church group in Scotland called the Free Church of Scotland.


  • The new Free Church had accepted money from slaveholders in the southern USA.


  • The abolitionists argued the church should send the money back.

  • His speeches were hugely popular and he spoke at least 8 times in Paisley during 1846.

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