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'We are Weavers' is a learning resource providing you with instructions on how to weave on a cardboard or frame loom to make your own unique fabrics.

The videos and matching pdfs below show you how to weave lots of different patterns and even how to make your own loom from cardboard. Did you know you can weave with yarn you've made by recycling old clothes or plastic bags?

Pleased with your creations? We would love to see them. Share your work with us on social media @PaisleyMuseum @onerenculture #thcars2 #weareweavers

We supported some of Renfrewshire School’s to test these resources. If you would like to see their textile pieces, click here

This self-led learning resource was developed by the ‘We Are Weavers’ project in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

‘We Are Weavers’ was originally a collaboration between Paisley Museum’s Creative Learning Team’s ‘Looms in Schools’ initiative and Paisley TH.CARS2 Project Team’s ‘Artisan’s Institute’, providing weaving equipment and a weaver in residence to local schools.

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